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The variety of civilization

(Syria – Jordan – Lebanon)
14 nights -15 Days))

First day:
Meet &assist at Amman airport, transfer to hotel, overnight

Second day: Breakfast, departure from Amman to Petra on the way we will visit the city of Mosaics and the biblical city …Madaba we will continue to Mt. Nebo, the memorial of Moses, the presumed site of the Prophets Death and burial place. According to the biblical account in genesis, Moses died and was buried at Mount Nebo after seeing the holy land. Our last stop before reaching Petra will be in karak who lies in the biblical land of Moab and was a Moabite stronghold long before the crusaders built the castle for which it is famous today. Its biblical name is kir-haraseth as the walled city of charachmoba on the Madab mosaic map. Arrival to Petra and over night

Third day: breakfast, full day visit of the capital city of the Nabaten Arabs Petra who settled in south Jordan more than 2,000 years ago. They created in their lovely sandstone valleys a city unique in the ancient world. This remote desert stronghold with its extraordinary colored rocks and craved facades has caught the imagination of travelers since it was rediscovered in 1812 and despite thousands of visitors; it retains its charm and mystery. Arrival to Petra and overnight

Fourth day: breakfast, departure from Petra to Aqaba on the way we will stop to visit wadi rum that is simple known as the valley of the moon. To travelers who have roamed its vast landscape wadi rum seems more akin to the surface of a distant planet than to anything on earth. The combination of its immensity, color and awe-inspiring shapes creates an atmosphere that is almost super natural. Arrival to Aqaba the place where the visitor can enjoy the pleasure of the red sea resort. At the ancient port city, in addition to sandy beaches and water sports, there are the charms of an ancient castle and the prevailing atmosphere of centuries past when Aqaba was the strategic seaport of dynasties long vanished. Surround by a chain of purple mountains and groves of palm trees, overnight.

Fifth day: breakfast, half day at leisure in Aqaba, departure from Aqaba to Dead Sea, 400 meters below sea level, the lowest spot on earth. If possible, time for swim on top of the warm, soothing water, four times as salty as seawater, and so thick that it is impossible to sink. Arrival to Amman and overnight.

Six day: Breakfast, city tour of Amman then departure to the Greco-Roman city of Jarash nestles in a wall – watered site in the biblical land of Gilead. It is one of the best-preserved provincial Roman cities in the world with fortification walls, temples, baths, colonnaded streets, theaters, shops and oval plaza.Drive to the border enter the Syrian border, drive to Bosra to visit; continue to Damascus overnight in the capital of the Syrian Arab republic.

Seventh day: Breakfast, full day city tour of Damascus: National museum, handcraft bazaar .named tekieh sulimanieh, hamidieh bazaar. Umayyad mosque the tomb of St .john the Baptist, the mausoleum of Saladin, the street called straight, St. Ananias church with the eastern gate of Damascus, St. Paul window, and finally panorama of Damascus from the mountain kassioun, over night.

Eighth day: breakfast, departure to the Lebanon border enters the country after the visa formalities visit Baaldeck and Anjar –drive to Beirut- overnight

Ninth day:
breakfast, excursion to the south to visit the Phoenician city: Tyr & Sidoun return to the capital and panoramic tour to the city – over night.

Tenth day: breakfast departure from the hotel to the northern border on the way we will visit the castle of Bablos (joubail) and the castle of Tripoli – cross the border and continue to the krak region overnight.

Eleventh day: breakfast, visit the citadel of the crusader chevaliers, and continue to Palmyra upon arrival start the visit, the old street (Colonnades Street) the theater and the ruins – overnight

Twelfth day:
breakfast, continue the visit, drive to Aleppo with a stop on the road to visit the site of Ebla, upon arrival the old mosque and if possible the citadel – overnight.

Thirteenth day: breakfast, continue the visit of Aleppo and in the afternoon drive to St. Simeon castle and Mushabak church to visit – return to Aleppo and overnight.

Fourteenth day:
breakfast departure to Afamia to visit the site, during the tour we will have a stop in Sergilla. Continue to Hama and stop near the old Arabic waterwheels for photo, drive to Damascus with a stop in Maaloula to visit church of St. Sergious & Bacchus, overnight will be in Damascus.

Fifth day: breakfast departure to Damascus airport for the flight back home